Can we talk?.

RIP Joan Rivers, she was one of my political correctness safety valves. When something awful would happen, and it felt like I couldn’t even smile, along would come Joan with something so crass, so offensive and jarring, it would give me a jolt, and i would have a sense that I would laugh again.

So glad I got to see Joan with my filth sister Beryl, it was fantastic to pay homage, and squirm in my seat before the wonderful Joan.

Some of the first words my little nieces and nephews spoke (as taught by me) were, ‘Oh grow up!, just grow up!!’ and my favorite ‘Oh Arf Arf!!’. They could have had an uncle that taught them the ABC’s, but where would they be now?.

“I’ve had so much plastic surgery when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware”.

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