Digging through some old photos for a little project, i came across this pic. Always leading the field this photo shows i was challenging the Kings Cross lock out laws 28 years before they were enacted.

Picture it . . 1987, my mates H, Alex and i are heading for a night out in Kings Cross at a venue called ‘The Site’, it was a Smiths party, so H and i both had a spray of flowers hanging out of our back pockets, but Alex being a fashion terrorist of the highest order decided that this night, knowing that we wore black, decided to deck himself head to toe in grey stone wash.

Despite our pleas he wouldn’t be swayed from his ‘statement’, which i might add also included grey vinyl shoes with grey zips up the sides. We arrived at the club busting to reel around the dance floor, we walked in, the bouncers took one look at the stone wash, and we were immediately thrown out onto the street.

What this photo shows is Alex ‘presenting’ the stone wash for the camera, and me arguing our case with the non responsive bouncer. For years afterwards at very random intervals, the grey shoes with zips would mysteriously appear on my doorstep while i was away or at work, staying long enough for my neighbors to assume the worst.

Tip of the hat Al, no one does fashion terror quite like you, Respect!!. See More

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