A flicker of hope in one suffering depression can sometimes be the smallest of things, like finding a small functional pocket of creativity. It helps to have a muse as inspirational, epic and legendary such as one Ms Joylene Thornbird Hairmouth.

In my filth dreams, in the coal dark blackness of night, a gang of art terrorists decend with blow torches blazing upon the dog sitting on the tucker box, melting it into a white hot puddle of molten steel.

Swiftly erected in its place by the ‘Artorrists’ will be a two hundred metre high bronze statue of Joylene, the greatest Australian woman ever to draw breath (and mascara), Joylene being at least a cats whisker in standing above Margaret Whitlam and Barbie Rogers.

Begone sad old dog sitting on a tucker box, your time is past as Australias centre for artistic randomness. Behold the first of my humble tributes to the inspiring Joylene.

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