The more I see Russell brand the more I ‘really’ like, if only that he’s somebody with passion (remember that old thing?)’. In this interview at last somebody stabs the elephant in the room. Considering Australia has just recently been handed over to an insane, inept, immoral government in a media driven coup d’├ętat, Russell may actually be one of the few people on this planet willing to call it, and see it how (i perceive) ‘it’ really is.

I share Russells passion and frustration at what is happening to this world (forget governments for a minute, lets add in many/most organized religions as well, with their wealth, power, manipulation and trickery . . of the individual and governments) This is obvious when you see the number of people in our communities unwilling, or incapable of thinking, or acting for themselves. They are prime fodder to be tricked into votes, or to be relieved of having to expend energy on emotion or thought.

I wish i was quite as sure as Russell that people will turn things around, i hope so, because i honestly don’t hold out a shred of hope for humanity to not fall into an abyss of destruction driven by greed, apathy and selfishness. Maybe humanity gets what it deserves.

You can watch the interview HERE

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