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3 Responses to “NO BOUNDS:”

  1. radioShirley says:

    summer … the first time


  2. I find this picture of Buzz and Tommy so sweet and tender. I’ve been looking around to see if I can find any background about the image. It’s looking like their stories are lost to history…

    I worry how we all rush to look at an image from history and claim it as being part of queer history. The ways in which heterosexual men have expressed intimacy has changed with history. While men holding hands, kissing, or expressing love is considered “gay” today, it wasn’t always so. These two young men from the late 40s might have been secret gay lovers–or they might have been close heterosexual friends. We’ll never know.

    I think the world has so much more beauty when we hold that ambiguity and let that which is unknown (in this case their sexuality) remain unknown.

  3. greg says:

    Agreed, whatever form it took, it’s obvious there is great love and affection, and that should be celebrated and encouraged.

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