At last my deluxe ‘SMiLE’ set from The Beach Boys has arrived. No need to go into the details of this truely legendary album, if you don’t know about it, and the amazing tale of why it has stayed hidden for four decades, then you have an amazing journey in front of you discovering it. The music of Brian Wilson, and the voices of The Beach Boys, truely touches and dances around the very depths of my soul. Apparently not everyone experiences this, or is moved like this by music, i guess i’m one of the lucky ones.

When i listen to music that touches me, it seems to enter my body, and then it takes the form of colours, and tangible emotions. As much as i tried to hide it, when i saw SMiLE performed live in 2004 by Brian Wilson, there were several moments during the performance where i felt the music vibrate through my body, and i was reduced to tears.

So now, here we have the original Beach Boys recordings, released after being locked away for the best part of forty four years. It was worth the wait. Look, Listen, Vibrate, SMiLE.

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2 Responses to “SMiLE:”

  1. greg says:

    I had an ‘imersion’ yesterday, got through three discs. It was everything and more that i’d hoped. At the end of it, hearing all the layers, all the different ideas, the structure, the construction .. all i could think was ‘I’m amazed Brian’s head didn’t explode during the making of this’.

    We all know the struggles after this for Brian, but listening to this, and the complexity in the many many layers, and the harmonies, and the different foundations, i now see that no man could contain that genius, no brain could come away from that level of creativity unscathed.

    Apart from a lot of the lyrics, that volcano of music was all Brians, it’s almost too much to comprehend.

  2. greg says:

    Ooh!, the photo above makes me look as if i have a little ‘Mo’ action happening, ewww.

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