Greg and Phillip at work and study on a freezing Sunday afternoon.

This past weekend i had Phillip staying with me, it was a bit of a packed two days, Friday brought a welcome visitor and ALMOST a visit to Tingle Manor by Davey Lane, Saturday i was up bright and early to get to Newtown by 9.00am to continue training for my Certificate III in Phone Counselling, after that it was a stroll up King St and running into buddy, friend and pal Viv who led me astray into the arms of the worlds best Gelato then a call from Barb’s had me racing over to Alexandria for pizza with herself and Lynne, then Phillip called and it was time for me to head back down the foggy mountain where i stopped in at Franks in Bulli and gathered Phillip to come back to Tingle Manor for a visit and sleep over, Sunday was breakfast at the beach at
Diggies then shopping in town where i hoped to lock horns with the cute, and bulgingly packaged and shaved of body hair but ultimately bad of service guy in General Pants who i know has not ordered the shorts he told me he was going to, alas he was not working this day so my anger and emotion had to be channeled elsewhere so it was a command to Phillip ‘Off to JB Hi Fi we must go!’ but alas i was left unsated there as well with the dvd i was after not released yet, so off home we went with Phillip settling to do some work from home and me settling down to my first homework since ..oh, the early eighties?.

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  1. cláudia antunes says:

    Hi, Greg (or Tammy):

    Is your boyfriend in the photo? I read your movies favorites.
    I liked – believe! – ‘Mecanic Orange’.
    It’s a cruel movie, but the director change the history in middle and I like surprises. It’s amazing when the leader of gang is captured and the Govern make in his a brainwashed.

    I continue to write English as a baby of two mounths. But anywhere speack with me in English, only in French or Portuguese, the language of Brazil.

    Byebye, Tammy (or Greg).

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi Claudia,

    No that isnt my boyfriend in the photo, at the moment i’m happily single .. well that doesnt sound right, ummmm i’m happy AND single, yeh thats better.

    Your english is really good, keep practicing,


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