A perfect example of Beryl’s home sewn creations, this has it all, layers and Beryl’s patented bat wings.

Here we see the welcome return of Mrs Beryl Palmer from ‘Sons and daughters’ perhaps this should have been filed under the ‘I should have known i was gay when .. ‘ heading, but Beryl deserves her own space. I was fascinated by the constant stream of fashion tragedy’s Beryl foisted upon us on this show, I’d like to think Beryl who was always sewing her own outfits on the show was a fashion terrorist and knew the depths of her depraved subversiveness as she whipped up outfit after outfit on her Phaff, it was a constant parade of bat wing halterneck tops and scalloped collars for as far as the eye could see. No one else but Beryl could pull off white stockings with open toe ‘Mrs Emery’ Homey peds.

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