CONSPIRACY THEORY: Call me old fashioned but I love a good conspiracy theory, here is my latest .. My gorgeous partner Adam has been on a health kick of late, stripping off weight like no ones business, descending into a miasma of a Mary Kate Olsen/Kate Ritchie existence, I’m just waiting for him to start donning the ‘Jackie O’ fly glasses to complete the ensemble, thing is Adam is still doing nice things for me and making me yummy treats like Oreo ice cream cakes, sugar and cinnamon pretzels etc, now my thinking is maybe he has some sort of inverse bulimia munchausen’s where he’s feeding me so I get puffy and all the while he gets more glamorous, is this possible? i’ve been inspired by Jamie on Big Brother and been staring into space a lot lately and thinking a lot and coming up with idea’s, this is my most impressive so far.

* I must add a footnote .. i have no problem suffering through this
in fact i may get out my favorite recipe book and encourage it, perhaps in
some twisted way we’ll be able to start claiming vegatable terrines and
puff pastry on Medicare .. what a thought.

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