* WHILE Tracey Grimshaw, Karl Stefanovic, Mel Doyle, David Koch and the rest of the Beaconsfield TV talent forewent this year’s Logies to stay in Tassie for the story, there was one person who wasn’t going to miss the chance to dress up like a princess.

Naomi Robson flew to Crown Casino from the mine for the glitz and glamour before flying back to Beaconsfield yesterday. Lucky for her the miners were still underground when she got back.

While Robson skipped the red carpet, her make-up truck made an appearance thanks to The Chaser boys who took the mickey with a truck.

Poor old Naomi, havent they got it in for her? .. cant say I mind, I cant stand the way she sits in front of the camera on Today Tonight all pius after doing story slamming a not to bright family or something, glad the Chaser boys are after her and just who is leaking all those blooper tapes of her?.

* REACTION to the Bec and Lleyton baby stunt was far from supportive. “Poor Mia Hewitt! She’s in danger of becoming Australia’s own Paris Hilton and she can’t even walk yet,” said one outraged viewer. Bec Hewitt, another one who grates on me, not sure how she got so far in television with that voice

How tacky were ther red carpet arrivals, all that was was a half hour advertorial for all the designers and shoe makers, a constant parade of moronic airheads walking up the ackminster swishing around in there modified Osti frocks trying to get the name of the designer in as many times as possible just so they wouldnt have to pay for the dress .. blech!!

* SONIA Kruger’s stack was only bettered by Bert Newton who suffered a doozey backstage, spraining his hand, bruising his nose and forehead and walking away with a sore knee after falling off the stage following the show.

Newton was comforted backstage by co-presenters Daryl Somers and Georgie Parker before wife Patti came and took him home.

I wonder if Bert was a little ‘tired and emotional’? hope his wig didnt fly off.

* FORGET Mr Big, Chris Noth is Mr Sleaze. The 52-year-old former Sex and the City star quickly made a name for himself as a big time player, hitting on women left, right and centre at the awards ceremony and Channel 10’s after party.

At one stage he was heard inviting a couple of girls back to his room, quoting his room number to the TV babes who later said he was “arrogant and sexist.”

Oh dear, thats taken a little shine off my ‘Big’ facination.

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