LOGIE MOMENTS: Last night a few of us sat down and settled in for a Sunday night of trash viewing, first up we had the spectacle of the first Big Brother eviction, i felt strangely unfullfilled as this year there is no one i really dislike, except for maybe Camilla (the name alone should be reason enough to dislike her) but like the dutiful trash buckets we are we still wrung glee out of the first evictee’s discomfort and misfortune. We channel surfed over to the Logies just in time to see the HORROR that is Joan Rivers face, as you all know the fastest way to my heart is to have your face taken to with scalples, needles and chemicals, but Joan had me feeling a little queazy. As per usual the night decended into a drunken charade of people thinking what they are doing is really important to the world, why dont they have the nurses awards, or the ambulance driver awards? i’m sure they have more insights to life and it’s value than a half stung and jittering soapie starlett who comands the stage for a WAAAAAAY too long speech about how her art is bringing about world peace, of course i love all this, but really .. most of them do need a slap. Bravo to Maggie T (a woman i truely admire, in her 70’s, feisty, glamourous and not a nip or tuck) for telling the assembled drunken pilled up masses to basically shut up and pull their heads in while she was making a speech. Mi Amor Adam, and Tyson and Min made an appearance for this gab fest, all agreed the Logies needs a director who knows the word ‘cut!’

PHOTO 1: Cradling myself as i sit through another embarrasing speech, Adam blurrily scratches my head to try and calm my discomfort.

PHOTO 2: Tyson gleams all the goss from my vintage collection of Tv Week magazines, just how long has Bert been around?

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