MELBORN IN REFLECSHON: The crisp winter air of Melbourne is calling me, i love Melbourne in winter and i’m really excited about my trip back down there in October with Adam, i was hoping to go back in July but seeing as we won a short trip to the goldfields we may as well tie it all in.

I know someone from Sydney isnt supposed to ‘really’ like Melbourne but i cant help it, i adore the place, tho i would never move there as each time i travel down there it’s exciting and special. What brought on this ‘whist’ for the shivery city? clearing out my disc on my digital camera i found a few photo’s from my holiday last month.

ROBYN: Robyn and i having a bevy and catching up on our trips to the U.S at the end of last year, when not travelling the world Robyn can often be found outside KFC in the city protesting the slaughter of innocent animals, bless her cotton socks.

SQUINT: Here is phillip and i on the banks of the Yarra, at this time we were trying to escape the acrobatic escapades of a rather highly strung unhinged person who seemed to pop up where ever we were, can you see the resolve on Phillip’s face not to squint into the sun and show off any fledgling crows feet?


SCAREY MONSTER: I’m very partial to folks who stylise there cars with things slightly more interesting than spoilers and mags, in Bondi we once saw a car totally covered in astro turf and small plastic farm animals, whilst in Melbourne we found this car which had this scarey childs rocker attached to the roof racks.

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