Old Tamala is over the moon, i stand here before you
braying out a fanfare of unmitigated joy, from the
flatual pit of my arms, blurting out an ode to
announce we Just got confirmation that we’ve landed
seats for Paul’s second Anaheim show on Saturday the
12th of November ..

Tah dah!!

So not only will i now be going to see Paul on the
Friday, but now on the Saturday night i
will be able to take Adam to see his first ever rock
(rawk) concert .. i’m excited about this, but a little
concerned, i think the wildest concert Adam has been
to was a street theatre recital of ‘The cat in the
hat’ performed by a troop of desperate backpacking
‘sock puppeteers’ ..

How will he cope with my ‘Ringo Klaus-ian’ moments,
which will basically last for an hour before the
concert, all during it, and probably for the next year

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