There is no denying it, we are tramps for selective reality tv, usually the shows that involve nudity (Big Brother) or guessing which contestant is gay (Australian idol) or even better something that combines the two! so it was on Sunday that the masses gathered at ‘Tingle Manor’ for the 2007 launch of ‘Big Brother’ Adam sparked up the big screen which seemed to spark up our harsh judgements of all who crossed the screen, including the in between adverts. As is also tradition an aray of food stuffs were brought out to be consumed, this included everything from faux meat (PAL Meaty Bites) in stroganoff, under defrosted cheese cake, starburst jubes, Coke Zero, beak pecked eggs, and Tysons patented rancid, weavel ridden, toxic and expired desert in the form of powder and eggs in a cup to make an ‘Insto muffin’ which as you can see from the photo below looks for all the world like a flaccid turd in a cup. Thankfully Phillip escaped the house before he had to bare witness to our beloved microwave being violated with this gooey display of culinary terrorism.

Thanks to Tyson (a poor mans Annie Leibovitz) for the photo’s below.

NQR muffin: ahhh yes, here we see the results of the muffin in a cup experiment, perhaps he should have tested this muffin on an animal before Adam took it strait on for human consumption.

Big screen: Let me count the ways how i love thee big screen.

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