Before i flew to Melbourne Adam made me a going away gift, i think he pulled out the ‘Bernard King – sweets for my sweetie’ cookbook and whipped up these soon to be violently masticated delights, basically they are small chocolate cakes that you cut in half, then spoon in Oreo choc chip ice cream and put the top of the cake back on, i only had the capacity to wolf down two of these morsals before i left, but i burnt up the phone lines between Adam and i checking that NO ONE was going to decimate my stash of the puffy and airy brown blobs, goodness knows visitors to ‘Rancho Rotalacta’ pillage and violate my fridge and freezer like starving pirates, upon my return i was somewhat relieved to find the marauding western samoan prairie dogs (ie hungry visitors) had deemed it fit to leave me a smattering of the brown nuggets. Did i mention how fantastically brillient these taste?

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