I’ve been lucky and spoilt enough over the years to receive many many presents and gifts, but if I had to choose my favorite it was the last gift my dad ever gave me, it’s so precious to me and i wouldnt exchange it for the world, it’s a plastic cup that had chocolate in it, the best part is that it’s covered in price reduction stickers from $3.18 down to $1.50. I know dad wouldnt have been thinking of the chocolate, it would have been the fact that it was covered in the scabby stickers, that’s one of the things i miss most about him, his subtle humour .. everyone who knew him would tell you that his humour was very rarely subtle. Even twenty years later the mere sight of this cup brings an instant smile to my face. I’ve also posted a photo of my dad in his Air force uniform, i think he was just about the most handsome man you’d ever see.

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