It’s been awhile since i’ve featured some of everyone’s favorite fashion plate primate Marta Hari’s fashion’s.

Without further ado, i’d like to present Marta’s summer ensemble ..

Photo # 1

Features Marta working the golden sands, you can see she’s an old fashioned girl who likes her polka dot bikini.

Photo # 2

Look out! diamonte earings at the beach!?, but thats just SO Marta isnt it?, i dont think a photo exists without Marta donning some form of ear furniture. I’m struck by the bold metalic frames, always a risk in the searing hot sun, but Marta put’s fashion before pain, the headwear has me puzzled, is it a Mexican theme, or is it a minimalist Melbourne cup effort? no matter, it works. lastly, may i draw your attention to Marta’s Cindy Crawford-esque beauty spot.

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