At the moment i’m on a holiday in Melbourne, i arrived yesterday afternoon. Recently on holidays in Queensland i concoured my fear of wild and extreme theme park rides, but not even that could prepare me for yesterdays landing in Melbourne.I’m a pretty good flier, but yesterday just before we touched down i looked up from my book, and thought ‘Hmm, the plane seems to be going a little fast’, before i could squeal ‘Brace! Brace! Brace!’ the rear wheels hit the ground REALLY hard, i then had the sensation of being pulled sideways, the wheels then left the ground, and i was swung back in the opposite direction. Finally the wheels touched down again and the rear of the plane was swaying left to right. It was really weird, i wasnt scared, but i had the definite feeling that things were definately close to being out of control, in fact someone even called out ‘He’s losing it!’, tho i wasnt scared my legs did go to jelly. When we pulled up, i thought ‘Did that really happen?’ but figured it must’nt have been that bad as surely everyone would have been freaking out, but they werent .. in fact no one was talking at all, Hmmmmm. When we got off, the guy in front of me walked up to one of the space waitresses and just sort of stared her down, i think she knew what the score was and said ‘I had a much worse landing in Canberra once’ nice.

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