This last Sunday Adam and i took a long overdue trip up to Bondi to visit two dear friend’s of our’s Barbara and Mariana .. oh, and Conchita (sp?) (aka Dante) the cat, i forgot how wild and wooly the traffic can be on a Sunday around east Sydney and found the last ten kilometers took almost as long as the previous fifty did to cover, i love where i live and wouldnt change it for the world, but the biggest drawback is the distance between me and a lot of people i love, i’m sorta used to it with the vast swag of my family now living in Queensland but it dosnt make it any easier to cope with the distance that physically seperate’s us, (i dont mean it’s a pain in the butt to visit these people, just emotionally wrenching to leave them) i find this more and more difficult and wrenching each time i visit my family up north, or Phillip in Melbourne and as i said even with friend’s in Sydney, time is so precious and it’s so easy to let it slip by all to easily .. so to deal with this i’m going to invent a travel machine where i can be in Sydney in say 3 1/2 minutes, Melbourne in 15 and the same for Qld, and each person will have there own personal travel machine so you wont have to worry about terrorism, i’m not sure how i’m going to do this, maybe i can work over Christine (my car) so it resembles the Delorean in ‘Back to the future’ .. oh hang on, i’m drifting ‘Back to Bondi’ before the future. It was so good catching up with Mariana and Barb’s, they live in a beautiful location in a totally funky flat,but everywhere the girls live they always manage to ‘funk up’, it was a beautiful winter’s day so we hoofed it down the road to get lunch, we found a cafe that sold the most yummy falaffel roll’s, tho poor Adam was traumatised by the green liquid the vines leaves were basted in, he assumed it was Palmolive dishwashing liquid, tho i doubt this to be true considering the rest of the day’s flatulence didnt involve any effervescent bubbles. It was a sobering reminder of our changing country and lifestyle that when we passed the Jewish club it was noted that all car’s entering the car park are now checked by security people, how soon before i start to sound like my parent’s by lamenting for the ‘good old day’s’. Walking back we pulled in for hot chocolate at this funky bookstore/cafe that had the coolest old book’s to peruse and buy whilst scoffing piping hot chocolate. To further prove that opposite’s attract my purchase’s included ‘Bette and Joan – the feud’ whilst Adam’s was a book by Steven Hawkin’s, this book shop (Gertrude and Alice) is a definite ‘must return’ situation. We walked home along the front of Bondi beach and it was just beautiful at dusk, i took a photo (see below) of the full moon rising over Aussie’s most famous beach .. call me old fashioned but it dosnt take much to make old Tammy happy, and i can assure you you’d be hard pressed to offer up anything more enjoyable than a dusk walk along Bondi beach having a laugh with friends, i mean really .. who could ask for more?

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