With all good intent i vowed to blog every day but i’ve come to realise that somedays you just cant squeeze one out, or even find the time to, as with most things i always walk away if something is feeling forced (insert generic ‘Carry on’ double entdre(sp) here)

so i figure its better to say something when i feel like saying it, Hmmmm, whats that saying ‘He who speaks most ……………….. ‘ i’ll get back to you on that one.

I know, i know i should be broadening my horizons a little and ‘get out more’ but today i came across a fantastic pic in a magazine that is so horrifying that i’m having second thoughts about posting it, yes its another celebrity gone bad

Step up the mike Liza Minelli and ex hubby David (my face is melting) Guest, i knew this couple was troble from the time of there wedding, i mean Michael Jackson as best man and Elizabeth Taylor as bridesmaid!!??

I love Liza just because she is so unhinged and always teetering towards the steps of the BFC (Betty Ford Clinic) i believe Liza has brought time share in the BFC, i have priceless video footage of Ruby Wax interviewing Liza in a London hotel room, Liza brought along her a friend, obviously NOT a graduate of the BFC .. cant remember her name but she was one of Dr Who’s assistants (as a side bar the said ‘Friend of Liza’ once tried to have ‘intimacies’ my friend Beryl and one of his mates at a Dr Who convention, the fact that they are both gay didnt seem to slow her down any) during this interview with Ruby, Liza and her friend did all they could to stop from collapsing onto the floor, all to no avail as they crawled around the floor barking like dogs and then

re enacting the day they met at school and were beaten by the teacher with a splintering ruler, Liza tops this off with a knee knocking dance that only slows down when you can hear her recent hip replacement begin to splinter.

In the pic below Liza is on the recieving end of some ‘sweet lovin’ from hubby David, who by the way is now suing her for spousel abuse, he reckons Liza used to flog him, i say why not?.

To me this pic looks like a moment of nature, you know when the mother bird flys out the nest and comes back with a mouth full of worms and then regurgitates them into the baby chicks mouth?.

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