Absolutely fabulous movie 2016.

Ab Fab

I feel very ill at ease about this. Ab Fab was classic for the first three series, but season four was wretchedly dark and just plain nasty.

There have been fleeting moments of redemption and greatness since, but it has teetered from the perfection of the earlier seasons.

The ‘Kath and Kim’ movie scared me so badly, forever causing me to feel fear whenever television comedy transfers to the big screen. ‘Kath and Kimderalla’ was so monstrously base, desperate and unfunny, and woefully bad, that it caused me to have a violent reaction against myself.

I just hope Jennifer Saunders has learned from that (in my opinion) really awful movie.

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One Response to “Absolutely fabulous movie 2016.”

  1. Walt says:

    I agree. There was a loss of the original brilliance and subtlety of Ab Fab as it went on. It was most evident in the character of Bubble who went from street-wise/ditzy to just idiotic. And the less said about the idignities that Saffy went through, the better (the awful just out of prison episode, for example). Given the past few seasons have been so hit and (mostly) miss, this could be a dreadful flop. Although, JS has written a gem like Jam & Jerusalem since then, so maybe…

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