In a photo exclusive to this site, we now have photographic evidence (as seen above) of what is going to cause the unravelling of the family unit, threaten the foundations of marriage, cause harm to children, rock the churches, undermine love as we have known it up to now, lead to people marrying household pets (apparently Western Samoan prairie dogs aren’t even safe), detract from the sanctity and validity of hetrosexual love and marriage, be the unravelling of tradition, lead to masses of children raised by same sex couples to be mental and unbalanced, lead to wild and depraved fornication on the streets (as evidenced in this photograph), cause the very foundations of society to buckle moan and finally snap.

In actual fact, the only thing that will happen, is that more love will fill the world, and billions more will be employed to manage the David Jones gift registry.

All you need is love (and a lot less people forcing harmful beliefs on others).

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