Arnold Feather’s Tv wedding warrented a ‘Super color special’ edition of Tv Week?, i know it was only last week i threw out all my old Tv Week magazines but this ebay find is begging me to make a bid, just imagine the photo’s inside!.

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  1. TelevisionAU says:

    Hi I've just been browsing your blog and firstly I am in disbelief that you "threw out" your old TV Weeks?? But also, I have this issue of TV Week with Arnold and Patti's wedding somewhere would you like to see the photos??

  2. Tammy says:

    Hey Andrew, fear not .. i kept the 'Gold' Tv Weeks, but it started to get a little 'Grey Gardens' around here .. and it WAS kind of liberating, i went through each issue and saved any valuable pages and photo's. I would L O V E to see the photo's from Arnolds wedding, standby for a mega update on my blog tomorrow, i have some images of 'must get' issues of Tv Week. Just finished reading your book on Aussie soaps, LOVED it .. just loaned it to my mate 'Miss Marcia' s/he keeps calling me ever time he finds a listing for a show we had forgotten. Now, about that Peter Mochrie nude scene .. :-)

  3. TelevisionAU says:

    Sorry, wrong Andrew. That is Andrew Mercado that wrote the book etc. :) Just for confusion, I am another Andrew! But I very much look forward to seeing your blog update, and of course if you want to 'liberate' any more issues of TV Week be sure to let me know first :)

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