Bit of a funny old weekend, it was the ANZAC long weekend and i didnt have anywhere to really go away but still managed to fit a bit in, Saturday i got to visit Matt and Robyn and see their new bub Lily then raced across the the city to catch up with Barb’s and go out for dinner at Govinda’s in Darlinghurst, the cool thing about this place is after dinner you can pay a few bucks extra and stay around and watch a movie which we did, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ was pretty good, sort of makes me wish the the royals were run like that today, you watch the movies while lazing around on what i can only describe as glam bean bags, it was small and intimate and this was no more apparent than when someone started farting, inevitable really considering the food was all vege and the starter was a bean soup.

Finished off Saturday night with a hot chocolate on Oxford st, scary, scary place that on a Saturday night, it was crawling with cops and they seemed to have their work cut out for them, i dunno to me it seems like the fun has gone out of that place, well the street at least.

Above pic: The good and bad of rain, miserable weather made to look amazing .. i took this from my kitchen window just before heading over to Tyson’s new pad.

Above pic: This weekend Tyson moved into his first ever flat, it’s such a funky little place and i have total door envy, not only is every internal door at Tyson’s padded with foamy plastic but EVEN the front door has the padding, this is a total tribute to Elvis i’m sure who’s doors at Graceland’s were padded as well.

Above pic: I’ve had my digital camera now for a few months now but i’m yet to get around to buying a bag for it, so far i’ve been using the furry pouch it came in, i’ve sort of become a bit attached to my dag covered bag.

Above pic: Went to see this movie last night, i was really moved by it and i thought it was amazing that it came from a first time director, i love a movie that has a real Aussie flavour .. i dont mean an in your face pastiche but those movies that have a real Aussie flavour and a feel that only people from here would get, things like unique set decorations and costumes that are so Australian and bring back a flood of memories, the school uniforms in this movie are pretty close to what we did have to wear here (well at least at my school)

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