HEY HEY BOB, I WANT TO MARRY YOU TOO: A very odd weekend was had by me, it started off on Friday night with myself and a group of friends going out for dinner and then attending the Bob Downe and Denise Drysdale show at the IPAC, the meal started off promising when one entree was delivered, then i lifted my top plate to discover a deceased blow fly laying on the bottom plate, got the plate changed but then nothing else, no food .. no service after an hour and a half we went to the counter and thanked them and asked if we could have our food in plastic containers because gee, we had other things to do, like be at a show in five minutes!! i cant believe my restraint, but i was in mixed company and my seething had to be plugged, we grabbed our food slops .. which is the only correct description for the shit they put in the plastic containers for us, threw them in Christine and ran to the show. The show itself was a little rough around the edges as it was only the second show of the tour, Bob carried the day with his usual camp and bitchy comments, i was pretty happy to get a pic with Bob and Denise after the show, i am now willing to confess that the very first single record i ever purchased with my own pocket money was ‘Hey Paula’ by Ernie Sigly and Denise Drysdale, there .. i said it.

PIC 1:
Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?

PIC 2:


PIC 3:

Denise Drysdale.

PIC 4:

The ladies with Bob Downe.

PIC 5:

Better left uncaptioned.

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