First up, that vile, rancid excuse we have for a prime minister, a total hypocritical moron plonker John Howard (or ‘Banzai’ as i like to call him, IE a little bush) the tool has been bleating again about how disgusting Big Brother is ..

” During last year’s “turkey slap” furore, the Prime Minister called for the reality TV hit to be axed.

He said yesterday his views had not changed, and TV shows should “err on the side of good taste”.

And then this ..

But Mr Howard said he had no sway over the shows direction.

Riiiiiight, so lets not mention the ‘Glass house’ shall we.

“Big Brother is an atrocious program,” he said.”

And watching your amoral posturing during televised Parliment isnt?

All the while Howards defence forces are mass advertising during the show to lure the poor young suckers who watch Big Brother and fall for the glamorisation of the defence forces (not saying we don’t need them) but what a festered tool this man is, berating people for watching this, but happy to have them join up his forces to go and fight in his unjust warfare .. we have spray for annoying insects like flies, why cant we have one for Howard? .. also shit for brains, instead of putting so much thought and bluster into reality television people are watching, how about putting a little thought into the people .. the humans you have incarcerated in detention centres? .. OH COME THE REVOLUTION!!

Before i wrap this up, please allow me to take aim at the lumbering carcass that is the equally rancid and atrocious Amanda Vanstone, who was our Immigration minister and proudly presided over the inhumane Australian refugee detention centres, slurry guts Amanda was recently shafted from her cabinet position causing a few insane and certifiable liberals to shed a tear or two at the loss of their poster girl, of course most people with half a brain knew she would be looked after and was this announced as Australia’s ambassador to Italy, upon the storm of protests the vile buzzard had this to say ..

> A day after she was appointed to the role, Ms Vanstone yesterday defended her move, saying she had earned it through a long history of public service.

> “I would say to taxpayers of Australia, I’ve been in Parliament 22 years,” she told ABC radio.

No Amanda, a lowly paid nurse who has healed, bathed, comforted the ill and dying deserves something like this, an ambulance driver etc etc, but not a highly paid and benefit ridden ex pollie like you.

> Prime Minister John Howard defended the posting, saying Ms Vanstone would be a success in her new role.

> “Amanda’s very adaptable and she has a great sense of humour and she’s the sort of person who moves quickly on to the next phase of her life,” he said.

Great! Amanda has a great sense of humour, i mean why wouldn’t the buzzard be laughing!? and her visits to the detention centres must have really been shits and giggles for her.

The salacious Amanda.

Bon voyage Amanda.

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