It’s now almost tradition for me to go to Melbourne and get addicted to one of the tv series that Phillip is watching, i almost extended one holiday just so i could watch more episodes of Sex in the city with the boys, alas tonight here in Wollongong we’ll be watching the last ever episode of ‘The West Wing’ .. what will become of my Saturday nights now with no distraction of weather or not Josh and Donna will hook up (He doesnt deserve her, you know that dont you?)

Possibley the most fantastic thing about my trip to Melbourne was the discovery that David Jones posh food court in the city sells old fashioned FAT Jelly Babies, not just that but these are the ones dusted in the special powder just like the ones i used to gobble as a kid! trouble is they are fifteen dollars a kilo!!, so i’ve had to make sad and pleading eyes to Phillip so he can be my jelly baby dealer and keep sending me a supply of the puffy wonders.

Some images from the St Kilda Pride parade.

The day i left Melbourne our old friend and sister Beryl was taking my place in the Melbourne Loft accomodation suite, i thought i’d leave a little ‘present’ for her on the mattress, i had to walk all over the city to find the perfect fake turd, i never knew there was such a variety!

2007 was my first year of attending any ‘Midsummer’ events, thats the Gay and Lesbian festival down there, i really enjoyed it and it wasnt as ‘in your face’ as Sydney Mardi Gras, i think behind Phillip and i IoTA is on stage, he was later to blow me out when Tyson and i went to see him in Sydney perform in ‘Hedwig’ .. one of the most amazing performances i’ve ever seen of anyone.

While in Melbourne with Phillip we went around looking at possible houses for him to move to, we sorta liked this place, but when we left i noticed the motorbike spare parts embeded into the lawn and a tree out the front that seemed to be growing beer bottles, we scratched that place off our list.

Summer proved to be a great time for catching up with old friends, and when i say old i mean old (he says laughing and prolapsing at the same time) i’ve been mates with Alex since the Towradgi surf club days and their is a lot to be said for having friends that long, there is an incredible comfort knowing there is never an awkwardness, you can pretty much say and do anything in front of them and it wont get a reaction. Alex and Leah collect kids, i think they are in competition with Angelina Jolie :-)

Adam and i out to dinner with H and his fiance Manami, over the last few years i havent had the chance to hang out with and see H as much as i’ve wanted to, that seems to be correcting itself lately and we are blessed to have a friendship that even if we dont see or speak to each other for six months when we do catch up it only feels like we saw each other yesterday, i might have to dig into the photo albums and scan up some photo’s from our adventures over the years, i’ve known H since i was twelve!.

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