Spent a great weekend in Sydney with Adam ,his mum and our friend Min. We went to the glam(less) Star City Casino to see the musical ‘Dusty’ which i must admit i was pretty impressed by, my sister is a Dusty freak from way back and she is now popping to go. Before we go to the casino we took a walk through Newtown and had lunch, we all agreed that if we ever had to move to Sydney Newtown is still the place we’d all choose to live.


That’s me, Adam and Adam’s mum having lunch in Newtown at the North Indian Diner, this is a pretty famous place in Newtown, it’s really popular probably because it’s so cheap and great value, i found myself having a ‘bizaro moment’ while sitting there, i was zoning out thinking of all times and situations i’ve found myself eating in this place, some of them quite bizzare, some just plain happy and joyful, and now here i was sitting with my boyfriend and his mum .. it was just one of those ‘Did i ever imagine back then that i’d be sitting here years later with someone i love and adore, along with his mum’ moments? .. like i said, bizaro.


Hmmmmm, the remanants of my lunch, a glob of fetta cheese, i looked at this and thought ‘Thats probably what the inside of one of my arteries look’s like’ i have now sworn off a lot of globby food and i’m back to swimming.


Dusty, a true legend .. do yourselves the preverbial favour and give her another listen, what a pure and soulful voice.


Would this sign prick your conscience?


Glamour stairs.



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