Gone Veggie.


There’s not too many things in life I take ‘absolutely’ seriously. It’s an ‘absolute’ in my life, no joking, no negotiation. It’s a true measure of my personality that on a daily basis I’m able to remain calm, and not scream about animal cruelty and the animal/cattle industry. Almost thirty years for me now. I realize, in all things, change comes slowly. In 2020, sales of meat alternatives rose by 18.4% and sales of veggie burgers rose by 37%. These figures back up what my eyes can see. Thirty years ago there was only veggie sausages in the supermarkets, that was our choice. Now, I literally shake my head in wonder when I see fridges and freezers in shops, packed full of plant based options. I do feel vindicated, and, if it was part of my nature, which it isn’t, I’d feel VASTLY morally superior. ?

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