I should have known i was gay when . .




Oh man, when i was ten years old i was SO hot for Big Jim, i can’t even begin to tell you.

Just look at him, tho he had a plastinated body, his arms were supple rubber. I have a vague
memory of drawing a tattoo on Jim’s arm, even then i was projecting an admiration of rough trade.

By far Big Jim was the hottest action figure ever. I can see the allure of GI Joe, especially the one
i had, which sported a real beard, but Big Jim rocked my world, and ignited a fascination in me for red scooped, satin shorts, which lasts with me to this very day.

Like Jim and his hand drawn tattoo, i decided one day that GI Joe
needed a make over, and so i got out a razor blade and shaved him, which, let me say, was far better in theory than practice.

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