Norman Yemm.

I was sad to hear of Norman Yemm’s passing. Norman was an early TV hero of mine, he played ‘Harry Collins’ on Number 96. He was always causing his poor wife Vera all sorts of trouble and harm. Norman also had a club act that he would tour around the provincials.

The night Norman brought his act to Corrimal Leagues club, my dad, as ever, was holding court. When Norman finished his act he passed dads table, dad reared up, yelled ‘What did you do to Vera Collins you Bastard!!!!!!’, then invited Norman to sit at the table with he and Mama and the rest of dads followers, where they proceeded to drink and become besties.

I awoke the next morning to the odor of a beer soaked Corrimal Leagues club coaster on my bedside table, it was inscribed,
‘To Greg, all the very best, Norman Yemm (Harry Collins)’, my very first celebrity autograph

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  1. Andrew says:

    I had not heard Yemm died. He was in so many tv shows. It is a nice personal anecdote.

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