Can anyone explain to me what is going on in this country?, we’re being told of huge sacrifices we’re ‘ALL’ going to have to make to ensure Ostraya doesn’t descend into third world status, where we’re reduced to shitting into open sewers and foraging garbage tips for food, everyone that is except the politicians. Apparently the pollies are going to have some of their travel perks dialled back to show that they’re willing to share the pain along with us, but that’s pretty much it, no mention of them having to work till 70 to access their pension, superannuation and benefits (all of which are beyond generous).

The bleating from atop the political hills of ‘But politicians work SO hard, people have no idea of the hours and stress they endure’. What, more stressful than a cop scraping a baby off a road?, or a nurse wiping the bum of an old man and holding his hand as he dies with only the nurse for company?, more hours than these people are forced to work? Probably without penalty rates?. Nurses, cops, firemen, ambulance people don’t have ‘staff’, they don’t have ‘drivers’, they don’t get accommodation in fine hotels, they don’t have ‘spin doctors’ to help them out of difficult situations.

This all smacks of do as i say, not as i do.

This isn’t a Liberal V’s Labor issue, it’s bipartisan or across the political board.

The whole crux of this rant is ‘Why is this acceptable?’, and ‘Why are we accepting it?’.

It’s black and white bullshit, but what is MORE bullshit is the apathy of every single one of us ‘sheeple’ who just sit back and accept this, more than happy to assume the position, raise our apathetic posteriors and whimper ‘Do your best Joe’. ‘They’ve’ won, i mean literally they won, people voted to be screwed by hypocrisy, why wouldn’t, and why shouldn’t it be wholesale carnage on what we’ve worked for, while the pollies sail through this as ever mostly unscathed.

Linking pinks and chanting kumbaya isn’t the answer, but what is?, so many people i see have their fingers in their ears chanting ‘LALALALALALALA’, only looking up long enough to become indignant and upset at the injustice of a football player being punished for sexually assaulting someone, or for wiping shit on the walls of hotels. I’m as guilty as most (not for the shit smearing), i guess I’m battle weary, but I’m not seeing any grass roots action to say ‘STOP!!, this is disingenuous, this is insane!’ nothing seems to be happening to heal or replace this runaway train of apathy.

Maybe i should have run for office, but i would have been deemed ineligible, as I’d never deny or be ashamed of a sex scandal, and that’s just not politics as we know it.

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