Ahhh, Dorrie Evans and her malapropisms, a classic every one of them, feel free to add more in the comments.

Why wasnt i told.

Im quite ardarmant about that!.

Dont rub salt into the womb Herbert.

But that’s a horse of entirely different colour!.

I’m being driven completely beresk!.

Well be that as it may!.

Pardon me for protuding!.

Thats all my eye and Mary Martin.

Life is not a bowl of cherubs flo.

I prefer to remain ambiguous.

Don’t be so fascecial Flo!.

I think they are enjoying intimate carnival relations.

I blame you for this Herbert, i’m at the point of having a cerebral haemoroid!.

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  1. candlestein affair
    will and testicle

    are two that come to mind
    the movie had dozens of them in it, it was almost ridiculous there were so many can remember any now

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