A family dinner with various nieces and nephew at Amigo’s, i care not one whit the propensity for bitch tit enhancement by eating the food here, don’t fuck me around, just get me more avacodo and sour cream, and i’ll even run my tongue around the lip of a Margarita. For some reason it was decided that we would strike the traditional Japanese peace sign pose for this family portrait, perhaps Margarita driven, perhaps not.

I love how they rate the spice of the chilli, despite an onslaught of Americanisiation on and in every facet of our lives, i’m still old enough, and Ostrayan enough to stiffle a titter when i read ‘Ass Reaper’, ‘Baboon ass gone wild’ and my all time favorite, the uber Ostrayan ‘Aussie Ringstinger’. Konichiwa!!

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