As i drove over Tom Ugly’s bridge on Saturday night the moon had illuminated the water below, i don’t know what it is, but i feel most at home and safe around water, some of my earliest and truest spiritual moments came to me as a small child when i would spend literally hour after hour in the surf, swimming, body surfing and surf matting. Unlike my brother i never surfed on a board, it always seemed too aggresive. For me it was always feeling conected to the water, i have a vivid memory of floating out the back of the breakers, diving under the sets of waves and then floating on my (Merrin) surf mat, and i honestly felt high, elevated. And so it was driving across the bridge on saturday, dreaming of running my hands across the water, that i realised i need to spend more time in and around water this coming summer, just to be near to it. I wish i could find the quote from JFK, but in a speech he mentioned how the human body has the same equal ratio of liquid and salt as the ocean does, not sure if that’s true but it sounds cool to me. I must write it down somewhere that when my physical body stops, i’d really like my ashes sprinkled in the ocean, such is my sense of connection with the sea.

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