Tammys turntable, (Still in Motion).

Many years ago a friend of mine thought he’d have a shot at pop stardom, sadly for the world of performance art he was a one shot wonder. With thoughts of Marcia Hines, Marty Rhone and Noosha Fox swirling in his brain, Beryl laid down this toe tapping tune. Some people are so well known, so famous, and so iconic that they only need one name, ie Diana, Ringo, Prince, Elvis and of course our very own “Beryl”.

This foray into the world of pop superstardom was accompanied by a few select personal appearances, mostly back yards. However one memorable, crowd shredding performance at Burwood Westfield is still talked about in hushed tones by the locals. Then again, why would they want to speak aloud of Beryl appearing on the round stage opposite Priceline, dressed in a long black lace frock, collection of Jaxie wipes, prods and wands in her gnarled hands, only to drop to the ground and proceed to do an improvised cossack dance that had those in the front rows scratching at there eyes with cutlery, dry retching in shocked emotion, and in one mans case self immolation (lets just say Sharon Stone has been known to wear panties more frequently than Beryl).

A big shout out must go to supreme mix master and sound engineer “DJ KOOZ”, much like Britney without Kevin, or Whitney without Bobby, Beryl would be nothing without the mastery of this aural genius.

It’s time to break out the glow sticks, dig the amyl out of the freezer, slip on a pair a teste and/or camel toe enhancing skin tight satin disco pants, and click on the following highlighted link to be taken to Beryl’s very own Xanadu “Still In Motion

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