It’s funny, when i was little i remember going to visit my Aunty Mary who only lived two suburbs away, when you’re little that’s like the moon. One thing i always noticed is that her family would buy, and read ‘Tv Times’, where as my family were of the Tv Week variety.

Even at that young age i was aware of ‘differences’, i guess this was my first taste of ‘us and them’, i always thought it was exotic that my Aunt would read something different from us. It fascinates me to look back at childhood perceptions, and how something so simple was almost a metaphor of what was to come in later life, the bigger differences, the bigger ‘Us’s and them’s’.

I blogged earlier about finding a photo of me as a very small child in a push car, and how it was an adventure for me to ride to the end of the back path, but how later i found myself in Los Angeles thinking ‘Gee, that wasn’t all that far from the back path in Wollongong’.

I guess i was always wondering what lay beyond the back path, as a child of about four i went missing, and was found in the next suburb in my push car, apparently trying to visit my sister, i still wonder where that path will lead me.

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