I wrote something on Facebook recently about realising how lucky i am to still have friends from when i was little, or as i think i described it ‘Before we had hair that we could sit on’ (Wink and pistol finger to Dame Edna for that chestnut) it’s a source of imense joy to me to see these guys happy and settled and raising family’s with the most amazing kids and partners, it’s when things go right for people who deserve it, i was gonna post photo’s of us together when we were younger but i had a violent stomach cramping Dorian Grey moment when i looked and compared at how much i have aged, my old photo albums are being pushed further and further back on the shelf (Actually thats bullshit, i think it’s freakin’ amazing to have gotten this far through life and i give thanks each and every day for all the amazing things i’ve experienced, learnt, processed and all the interesting people who have crossed my path)

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