Thanks to the kindness of my sister in filth and depravity Miss Beryl i was lucky enough to land an invite to the Sydney Lord Mayors New Years eve party, to describe this as over the top glam and excess would be a gross understatement, never before have i seen so much free alcohol flowing, it was truely eye boggling, line after line of champagne and wine was lined up along the many bars. I texted a friend later in the night ‘Money and status does not bring class’, it was a sobering and valuable lesson to see so many pillars of society drunk and tripping over, exiting the toilets with their skirts tucked into their panties, slurring and being vulgar and racist .. i commented to a Govt minister friend who was also there ‘I may be a shit kicker from Wollongong, but at least i know how to carry myself’, it was a fantastic night tho, i’m certain there was no better place on the planet to spend New Years Eve, a perfect warm summer evening on the forecourt of the Opera house.

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