The things you see out shopping, this past weekend i noticed a bit of a theme forming, it was a mash of Allan Jones and sweet potato’s. I was transfixed to see a new cd released under the banner of Allan Jones ‘Song’s of love and inspiration’ i didn’t have the nerve to pick it up and flip it over to see what tracks Allan selected to represent his idea and perception of love and inspiration, tho I’d hazard The Shaggs ‘My pal foot foot’ would have been on there, Them’s ‘Gloria’ perhaps?, later as i was flicking through the dvd’s at HUM i was cock o’ hoop to see that the ‘Tasty bust’ documentary had an ‘Allan Jones recommends’ sticker on it, i was this close to purchasing it but grabbed a pic instead, of course the ‘Tasty bust’ documentary tells the story of the Melbourne night club bust where gay and Lesbian patrons were violated and harassed by police officers .. hmmmm, nice touch seeing Allan sticker on the cover next to pictures of pills and a bottle of Amyl nitrite, it’s the thought that maybe during the day these random things will cross my path is what gets me up and going in the morning.

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